'Advisory group' replaces NAFKAMs Advisory board

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This fall, NAFKAM’s new advisory group was established.

The advisory group consists of seven members who will function as an advisory board for NAFKAM. Among other tasks, they will help the center in its development of strategies, goals and plans. Furthermore, their expertise will assist NAFKAM in developing factors for optimal research, quality and progression of the center's activities.

Over the next five years, NAFKAM will have a special focus on patients’ use and safety of CAM for cancer, chronic and mental disorders. This focus will be extra taken care of by the advisory group's representatives, who all have specialist expertise in precisely these areas:

- We have established a very competent advisory group, with broad knowledge, says NAFKAM's director Miek Jong. - The group consists of experts who will be able to discuss, challenge and give us advice on both current and further research. We also foresee that their professional backgrounds will help us develop our networks, and contribute that different perspectives and expectations to our work are considered. 

Director Jong is also the secretary of the advisory group, and Chair of its meetings. 

NAFKAM's advisory group replaces the center’s former Advisory board. It is designed in line with the  Department for Community Medicine's general requirements for all externally financed national and regional competence centers they host. 

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