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Research at NAFKAM

Here you will find a list of our ongoing research projects.


The research at NAFKAM is carried out by a multi-disciplinary college, which uses and develops various research designs, including quantitative and qualitative research methods, carefully chosen from the research question to be answered.

Projects at NAFKAM

Listen viser igangsatte / pågående forskningsprosjekter ved NAFKAM.

The IMCR (integrated medical care rehabilitation) study

Development and feasibility assessment of a rehabilitation program for people with chronic health complaints after amalgam removal.

Yoik and the "good life" - Investigating a living cultural expression and its relation to quality of life.

The results of a pilot study revealed that yoik is deeply connected to the individuals as well as to the Sami cultural identity. 

Prevention and treatment of freezing-cold injuries

Conduct mapping of peripheral rearmability of thermography and sensory nerve function by quantitative sensory tests (QST) for, if possible, identifying risk factors and effect of treatment.

Path. Patient Pathways in cancer care

An individual Patient Pathway (iPP) describes the journey patients take through his/ her illness experience and includes not only the health care events they choose to engage in, but also the life events that shape their choices


Sensing illness in everyday life: Care-seeking and perception of symptoms among chronic cancer patients.

The use of natural remedies and herbal medicine by demented persons: The role og different health care personnel

The aim of the project is to map patient safety in relation to the use of natural remedies and herbal medicine by persons with dementia, and to describe the role of various health actors. 

The Neurobiological basis of manual therapies: Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) as a translational, neurophysiological tool

The aim of the project is to explore the "component effect" and "biological mechanisms" of non-pharmacological therapies for back and neck pain.

Therapeutic effect of naturopathic reflex therapies for back and neck pain

The aim of the project is to explore "component effect" and "biological mechanisms" of non-pharmacological therapies against back and neck pain. 

Completed projects


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