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NAFKAM is short for Norway's National Research Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 

NAFKAM is a national, government-funded research and information centre, assigned by the Norwegian health authorities.

NAFKAM is located at and run by UiT The Arctic University of Norway. 

NAFKAM's assignment is to:

• Through its own research, contribution to and coordination of others' research activities; to develop knowledge about if - and possibly how - complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can help with illness and health problems.

• Develop and offer research-based, unbiased and quality-assured public information on the potential efficacy and risk of common CAM treatment.

The assignment's mission is to contribute to higher safety for patients using or considering CAM, by facilitating informed and knowledge-based health choices.

About NAFKAMs websites

This website (nafkam.no) is the official, Norwegian website for facts about CAM. Together with the international, English website CAM-Cancer, these websites form the pinpoint of Norway's national information centre, which is run by NAFKAM.

The websites constitute a digital encyclopedia about CAM. They consist of fact sheets on the safety, efficacy, history and theories behind widely used CAM modalities, health products, diets and lifestyle programs, along with other forms of self-help for health purposes. The fact sheets draw from international, independent research sources and are produced under rigorous routines for ensuring maximum quality assurance. Read our Quality Assurance summary for more information on this subject.

Educational purposes

The purpose of NAFKAM's information is closely tied to the assignment of contributing to higher patient safety, by enabling and empowering patients to make knowledge-based choices for their own health. NAFKAM's information shall thus be research-based, unbiased and quality-assured.

On this website, you also find separate sections on e.g the legislation of the CAM field in Norway; advice and guidance for safe usage of CAM; information collections for specific groups and conditions (pregnancy, breastfeeding, toddlers, seriously ill patients, etc.); news from the CAM field, etc.


Read the disclaimer for our information here.

Further questions about NAFKAM or CAM in Norway? 

You are welcome to contact us by email: nafkam@helsefak.uit.no, or by phone +47 77 64 66 50.

Please note that NAFKAM does not offer personal medical advice, nor treatment or products. We cannot assist in recommending a CAM therapy or finding a CAM provider. 

Postal adress

NAFKAM, Faculty of Health Sciences
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
N-9037 Tromsø, Norway


MH-building, Floor 10
Department of Community Medicine
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Hansine Hansens veg 18
9019 Tromsø

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Norway's National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

We work to give you facts about complementary and alternative medicine, so that you can make safer choices for your health.

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