Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how the Norwegian National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NAFKAM) collects, uses and stores personal information about the users of our services. NAFKAM, by its Head of Information Dept, is responsible for our handling of personal information.

When contacting NAFKAM directly

If you have questions about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in Norway that you cannot find answers to on our website, you are welcome to call NAFKAMs information department on (+47) 77 64 66 50, or send us your question by e-mail to E-mails to this address are received on a server hosted by UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

NAFKAMs information specialists will not ask you for any sensitive nor personal information, but providing us with an e-mail address is essential for being able to send you a quality-assured answer.

After answering your inquiry, this is stored in an internal knowledge database. For private individuals (patients, relatives, next-of-kins and more), the correspondence is anonymized before archiving. This means that all information that could identify you or the patient (for example name, e-mail address, place of living, telephone number, date of birth / social security number, etc.) is deleted, and your IP address is not stored. The purpose of this is to help us provide better answers to similar inquiries in the future. Only employees of NAFKAM's information department have access to this knowledge database.


Do not send NAFKAM any information about your or the patient's medical history and health situation. This is because NAFKAM's assignment does not include assessing individuals' health situation or providing specific health advice. If we receive such information, it is deleted.

When visiting our websites


Cookies are small text files that are added to your browser's internal memory and are used to measure, for example, how long you visit a web page and what information you are searching for, as a "footprint". Cookies can enable us to improve the experience for users of our websites.

By using our websites ( and you agree that we can put cookies in your browser. Data from cookies will not be used to collect personal information about you. In your web browser settings, you can both turn off and delete cookies.

Matomo and web statistics

We use Matomo to monitor the usage of our websites. The data gathered from this tool will not be given to other actors. All data is collected and used at a group level, not individually per user or IP address. No personal information is collected through Matomo. The information we gather is used to improve our information on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), so we monitor which types of content is read and how.

Disclaimer for our web-based information

The information found on NAFKAMs websites is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to exclude or substitute for the dialogue between patients, health professionals and CAM practitioners.

Any links from our websites to other, external sites are not covered by this policy.

We do not assume responsibility for our own or external sites that we link/refer to, at any time are without viruses or other unwanted malware.

We are not responsible for the availability of, or for the content of, content on external websites that link to us or to which we relate.


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