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The information found on Nafkam.no is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to exclude or substitute for the dialogue between patients, health professionals and CAM practitioners.

If you send us questions by mail or the feedback form, we ask that you don't share information about your health, disease or other personal data beyond your email address.

NAFKAM cannot be held responsible for any health choices made with referral to information on its web sites. The information found at Nafkam.no is meant to contribute to making better health choices, and strengthening patient safety. Though Nafkam.no shall neither hinder or support the public's use of CAM, we always advise that you never substitute important treatment from the official health care system for CAM.

Also, we advise that choices about treatment of a health problem should not be made based only on information found on the internet: always discuss this  first with your MD/ GP or other health professionals.

Please note that in the News section, opinions and statements from persons interviewed, can not be attributed to Nifab.no or NAFKAM. News stories cited from other media may convey statements about a CAM therapy's efficacy and safety that do not follow NAFKAMs standards for this.

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Norway's National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

We work to give you facts about complementary and alternative medicine, so that you can make safer choices for your health.

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