NAFKAM develops and offers research-based and quality-assured information on the potential effectiveness and risk of common complementary and alternative (CAM) modalities.

The purpose of this is enabling people to make informed and safe choices with regard to the use of CAM.

Reservations and limitations for our information

  1. NAFKAM's information is not intended to replace communication between patients and their healthcare professionals/ CAM providers, but it may be used as a basis for discussion in the dialogue about the possible use of CAM. NAFKAM encourages patients to always inform their Medical Doctor about their use or consideration to use CAM.
  2. NAFKAM's information shall neither promote nor hinder the population's use of CAM. NAFKAM does not take responsibility for patients' possible use of CAM, neither due to the information provided nor the eventual lack of information about CAM.
  3. As there is no official "gatekeeping" control function for offering or providing CAM in i Norway, NAFKAM has no certifying role for CAM providers or -modalities. Thus: NAFKAM's references to treatments, services or offers do not imply that these or the providers of such are officially approved, recognized or supported by the health authorities.
  • NAFKAM's references to services and offers as CAM, are based on the fact that providers consider themselves as providers of health-related treatments in accordance with the definition that follows from the Act on Alternative Treatment Act §2; and/or upon NAFKAMs own assessment that the service/offer is mainly provided by non-authorized health providers, outside the official healthcare system; plus that patients’ usage of the service/offer for health-related purposes is documented in scientific publications.
  • NAFKAM's assessments (ref previous point) are independent, and not legally binding for the providers or for other official authorities. Although NAFKAM's comments and assessments may be indicative for authority bodies (such as the consumer authorities, the tax authorities, the police/ prosecutor's authority and the courts), these authorities make independent assessments of whether specific forms of treatment, services or offers fall within the regulations that they administer.


Norway's National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

We work to give you facts about complementary and alternative medicine, so that you can make safer choices for your health.

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