The Norwegian Cancer Society becomes official partner of CAM Cancer

Collage of four photos showing; yoga, acupuncture, herbs and conversation between health personnel and a patient.
Collage: Tine L. Bergli/, NAFKAM 2022.

Many cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). There is thus a great need for research-based, objective information on such treatments, both for patients and healthcare professionals.

NAFKAM’s database CAM Cancer is dedicated to providing such information in order to support informed decision-making in the field.

At the beginning of 2023, the Norwegian Cancer Society has joined CAM Cancer's international network of official partners: -We have had a fruitful collaboration with the Cancer Society for many years, both in terms of research and information projects, says Professor Miek Jong, head of NAFKAM, which manages the CAM Cancer collaboration. -We are therefore delighted to welcome them as a partner in our international, multidisciplinary network of authoritative organisations in the field of research, health information and patient care. 

-Today's jungle of different messages and information channels makes it difficult to distinguish good from bad health information, Jong continues. -In social media, anyone can share claims for cancer cures and raise false hopes in the seriously ill and their families. Against this background, it is important for cancer patients' and healthcare personnel's understanding of the research status, that authorities in research, patient organizations and clinical communities convey consistent messages, she concludes.

-The Norwegian Cancer Society is very pleased with this partnership, says Heidi Brorson, special advisor in cancer care at the Norwegian Cancer Society. -It will help us to provide factual information on our website and to those who contact us with questions about complementary and alternative medicine.

A partnership with CAM Cancer involves:

  • CAM Cancer's official partners form an international network of authorities in research and/or patient care in the field.
  • Partners provide suggestions and advice on the development of CAM Cancer, and have access to high-quality information from an international panel of experts, aimed at both treating and supporting health professionals, as well as plain language materials aimed at non-professionals (patients, relatives and the media).
  • Partners are encouraged to actively contribute to CAM Cancer by writing, reviewing and disseminating information.
  • Partnerships do not involve any ongoing costs or commitment of time or other resources for the partners, but they are expected to support CAM Cancer's principle that synthesised research provides the best basis for high-quality evidence and evidence-based health choices.


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