NAFKAM in the public debate

The Norwegian version of this section gives a running, chronological overview of media coverage, debate mentionings and the like in various channels of discourse where NAFKAM is mentioned.

The purpose of this overview is to show how, where and when NAFKAM over the years is mentioned, referred to or discussed in the public debate.

The lists cannot be verified as complete, and both old and new items are added continuously. Tips on unregistered items can be sent to

Some items are identical, but are published in different media via collaborations. These are included, because different media reach different audiences, and thus say something about our total presence in the media landscape and the public debate.

Items without hyperlinks are, as far as we know, only available in paper form and not online. Access to Internet-based items may require a subscription. NAFKAM is unable to help with such. NAFKAM does not guarantee the accessibility or IT security by following links to external websites, for which NAFKAM is not responsible or in control.

The lists may contain items from editor-controlled media as well as non-editor-controlled channels. Those responsible for content, may have different purposes; from expressing their private opinions in blogs or social media, or having commercial or health policy purposes. NAFKAM can not be held responsible for authors' or publishers' opinions, perceptions or representations of NAFKAM or CAM.

Self-initiated texts (Scientific publications, debate posts/ articles, book chapters etc written by our employees are not included in these lists. Such texts are found on NAFKAM's list of publications.

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