Patient's legal security

Did you know that The Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation (NPE) does not apply to CAM providers?

  • Medical intervention or treatment which may entail a serious health hazard (Section 5)
  • Treatment of communicable diseases which are hazardous to public health (Section 6)
  • Treatment of serious diseases and disorders (Section 7)

According to Act No. 64 of 27 June 2003, it is the responsibility of the CAM provider to be aware of the above limitations in these sections, and to act accordingly to them.

Furthermore, CAM providers in Norway cannot claim that their treatments are effective for specific illnesses or disorders, or entitle themselves in ways that give the impression that he or she has an authorization, license or specialist approval under the Health Care Act.

How are patients receiving CAM in Norway legally secured?

If you receive CAM that is not considered an integral part of the total treatment program inside the Norwegian health care system, you are not eligible for compensation or help from the The Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation (NPE) in the case of maltreatment or injury.

For all such cases where the CAM treatment is provided outside the health care system, you most likely have go to a civil lawsuit against the CAM provider to get compensation. Note that insurance for such claims are only required for CAM providers who are listed in the Voluntary Register of Complementary Practitioners (tihe information is in Norwegian).


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