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CAM and cancer - for health personnel


Here you will find information about research projects associated with NAFKAM, as well as articles written by staff at NAFKAM, on the topic of CAM and cancer.

PATH: Patient Pathways in cancer care:
A comprehensive description of the choices and results of conventional medicine, and CAM measures in cancer patients.

Sensing illness in everyday life: Care-seeking and perception of symptoms among chronic cancer patients.

TCM – as adjunct treatment to standard cancer treatment:
Acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicinal advice and traditional Chinese herbs are used as palliative adjunctive therapy in patients with rectal / colon cancer.

Development of a web-tool for the bettering of communication between health personnel and cancer patients about the use of CAM:
A web tool (Shared Decision Making Tool) that may reduce the risk and enhance safety for patients who wants to combine conventional and complementary modalities in cancer are.

Scientific publications:


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