The impact of COVID-19 on complementary and alternative medicine providers: a cross-sectional survey in Norway

Project description

In March 2020 the Norwegian authorities decided on a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This lockdown meant that health care providers (physiotherapists, psychologists and ophthalmologists) had to close down their physical practices if they were not able to meet the measures of 2 meters distance and keeping the appointment to 15 minutes. This also applied to the Norwegian CAM providers.

The present study was initiated to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on CAM providers in Norway.

The aim of the study

To investigate how COVID-19 affected CAM providers’ practice and consultations with patients, their recommendations to patients, their financial situation, and how CAM providers perceived their future practice.

How are we doing this study?

In collaboration with 35 CAM organizations in Norway NAFKAM surveyed 2215 CAM providers. The study was carried out between March-May 2020. The final sample included 581 CAM providers, 466 women and 110 men.

Who are our partners?

This study is an in-house NAFKAM study. The co-authors are: Miek C Jong and Agnete E. Kristoffersen

Contact person: Trine Stub


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