Patient safety and CAM

Having unbiased, evidence-based information about CAM available is considered an important factor in striving for higher patient safety. The use of CAM is patient-driven, ie. it is chosen by the patient, whether health professionals are consulted or not; approve of or disapprove of it. CAM is a complex field, consisting of very many, different therapies and treatment regimes, as well as "alternative" understandings, theories and explanations of health, disease and treatment.

Thus, there is a need for clarity and unbiased, research-based facts as an alternative to CAM proponent's claims about efficacy and safety is an obvious factor for patients in making well-informed health choices.
Therefore, NAFKAM holds patient safety as a prioritized task. This influences both the information given on, and our research projects.

In addition, the Norwegian Directorate of Health has given NAFKAM the task of monitoring the Norwegian health market for "any new trends within CAM and self-care, which may threaten patient safety", and report any such to the health authorities.


Norway's National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

We work to give you facts about complementary and alternative medicine, so that you can make safer choices for your health.

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