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NAFKAM writing series

List of publications in the NAFKAM writing series.

The authors are responsible for their findings and conclusions. The content is therefore not an expression of NAFKAM's view.

Stub T. Safety of treatment provided by homeopaths. Homeopathic aggravations, adverse effects and risk assessment. Doktorgradsavhandling 2014. No.9 (Ennå ikke publisert elektronisk.) 

Salamonsen A. Boundary walkers. Perspectives on the use of complementary and alternative medicine in a Scandinavian health care context. Doktorgradsavhandling 2013. No.8 (Ennå ikke publisert elektronisk.)

Kristoffersen AE. Use of complementary and alternative medicine among Norwegian cancer patients.Doktorgradsavhandling 2013. No.7

Borud EK. Acupuncture treatment for postmenopausal hot flashes. Doktorgradsavhandling 2009. No.6

Nyborg L, Launsø L. Utprøvinger av alternativ behandling innenfor helsevesenet i møte mellom helsepersonell og alternative behandlere. 2008. No.5

Bruset S. Grønne paviljonger på sykehus. 2007. No.4

Launsø L, Rieper O. Qualitative research methods in complementary and alternative treatment. 2007. No.3

Norheim AJ, Ramstad S. Opplevde sammenhenger mellom amalgam og helse i den norske befolkning. 2006. No.2

Norheim AJAcupuncture in health care - Attitudes to, and experiences with acupuncture in Norway.Doktorgradsavhandling 2005. No.1


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