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Research on CAM

We use several sources for the presentation of research on the field of CAM.

In addition you will find information about how we use research on effect.

Models of reality

Research is about getting to new knowledge in a systematic way. The knowledge which is aquired through research must be understood as preliminary models of, or theories about reality. As humans we do not have any direct access to "truthful" or objective observations of reality. That the models and theories (knowledge) shifts and changes over time is an expression of it being preliminary models of reality, and not the final truth we have arrived at.

Our knowledge is further developed and expanded through research, so that our models of reality is best the best possible match to our experiences and observations. When it comes to research about health and diseease the models are supposed to make us capable of understanding how and why disease occurs, and how it can be prevented and treated

There is a whole field of research on complimentary and alternative treatments (otherwise known as CAM). As in all other research it can be difficult to find the relevant research, assess the quality of research, as well as understanding what the research actually gives an answer to. We hope to be able to answer some of the questions around this.

Different research methods

Research is done by many different methods. Choosing a method depends on the questions the researchers seeks answers to.

How we use the research

What we caan say based on research depends on many factors. We have chosen to set the bar high, by basing our information on systematic reviews from the following international and independent research libararies:

I our article Kvalitetssikring you will find more information avout our choice of sources, and how we work. 

NB! The updating of our fact sheets according to this method isstarted, but not quite done yet.


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