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Ola Lillenes, Agnete Kristoffersen og Trine Stub foran studenter i et klasserom
Ola Lillenes, Agnete Kristoffersen og Trine Stub. Foto: NAFKAM.

February 13: Starting the study "Traditional and complementary medicine used among Pakistani immigrants in Norway", Lovisenberg hospital, Oslo. (Agnete Kristoffersen and Saliha Khalid)

March 16: Internal seminar: "Patient & Public Involvement", The Edge, Tromsø, Norway (All at NAFKAM)

March 24.-26: Participation on "Terapeutdagene", Tunsberg Medisinske Skole, Norway (Arne Johan Norheim)

March 30: Participation/presentation at Helsepolitisk barometer, Oslo, Norway (Ola Lillenes and Miek Jong)

May: Participation/presentation at a SAR-conferance, New York, USA (Terje Alræk

June 17: Holding a lecture, and participation in a panel debate on traditional healing in the north at Sáráhkká's Sami indigenous festival at Eidsfoss, Norway (Agnete Kristoffersen)

September 20.-23.: Participation/presentations at the 2nd World Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, Rome, Italy (several of NAFKAM's researchers)

September: Participation in the National Public Health Conference, Tromsø, Norway (Saliha Khalid)


The list is not complete, and will be changed continiously. 




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